Day 360 – 19th May 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 360
Date: 19th May 1987
Latitude: 32° 58.7′ S
Longitude: 38° 35.7′ W
Water Temperature: 21.7°C
Wind @ Noon: 12 S
Max Wind /24 hours: 14 S
Min Wind /24 hours: 7 S
Cloud Cover 6/8
Cabin Temperature: 21.5°C
Outside Temperature: 17.3°C
Barometer: 1013

Source: CUL00045/10


  • I have two VDO ships clocks with alarms. One has stopped and will not work and this dumb fool has busted the alarm in the other clock trying to relocate the sweeping second hand that had fallen off.
  • It is amazing, my first fix in 4 days (through I got a morning sight (only) yesterday.
  • It is nice to have everything so dry within the cabin. Condensation gone, temp is nice & warm.

Source: CUL00058/1