Day 476 – 12th September 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 476
Date: 12th September 1987
Latitude: 34° 5.3′ S
Longitude: 108° 59.6′ E
Water Temperature: 16.6°C
Wind @ Noon: 20 SE
Max Wind /24 hours: 20 SE
Min Wind /24 hours: CALM
Cloud Cover 7/8
Outside Temperature: 15.9°C
Barometer: 1024

Source: CUL00045/13


  • Wind is annoying it comes and goes plus the yacht will not self steer in very light airs on the starboard tack.
  • I heard mention of my progress over the ABC. Obviously the argos is working well as I’ve not had radio contact for a while.
  • Using the old codan to transmit with I made contact with VV6 EV Albany & I received on my radio director finder.

Source: CUL00058/1