Day 505 – 11th October 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 505
Date: 11th October 1987
Latitude: 45° 57.8′ S
Longitude: 175° 16.8′ E
Water Temperature: 9.1°C
Wind @ Noon: 14-18 SE
Max Wind /24 hours: 35-45 SE
Min Wind /24 hours: 15 SE
Cloud Cover 8/8
Cabin Temperature: 14.5°C
Outside Temperature: 9.3°C
Barometer: 1005

Source: CUL00045/14


  • Gale continues, rough as.
  • Oh dear oh dear. I have only watched a video once approx. in the past 8 months. Tonight I thought I would watch "Educating Rita" but the video machine pulled the tape out, so tried other tapes – same thing. Conserving charge in the batteries is the reason I have no made much use of the video machine.
  • Dolphins about yacht squeaking. It is a different squeak to what I have heard before.

Source: CUL00058/1