Day 598 – 11th January 1988

Noon Summary Log

Day: 598
Date: 11th January 1988
Latitude: 20° 46′ S
Longitude: 29° 13′ W
Water Temperature: 27.8°C
Wind @ Noon: 14 NE
Max Wind /24 hours: 20 NE
Min Wind /24 hours: 12 NE
Cloud Cover 6/8
Cabin Temperature: 30.5°C
Outside Temperature: 30.7°C
Barometer: 1014

Source: CUL00045/16


  • Isle Trindade, dead ahead of the yacht. I’ve changed course to pass west of it, long way off yet. I have passed by Trindade 10 times going N or S over the past 12 years.

Source: CUL00058/1

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