Day 278 – 27th February 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 278
Date: 27th February 1987
Latitude: 46° 17.7′ S
Longitude: 156° 15.3′ E
Water Temperature: 13.3°C
Wind @ Noon: 18 N
Max Wind /24 hours: 18 N
Min Wind /24 hours: CALM
Cloud Cover 4/8
Cabin Temperature: 20°C
Outside Temperature: 14.4°C
Barometer: 1018
Ships Seen:

Source: CUL00045/8


  • I am very pleased with my Tasker sails made by young Chris Sherlock. I think they are superb. The mainsail has now been continuously used for 277 days and still going strong – thanks Chris

Source: CUL00058/1