Day 525 – 30th October 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 525
Date: 30th October 1987
Latitude: 45° 39.7′ S
Longitude: 134° 46.4′ W
Water Temperature: 8.5°C
Wind @ Noon: 25-35 WNW
Max Wind /24 hours: 30-40 W
Min Wind /24 hours: 25-30 WNW
Cloud Cover 8/8
Cabin Temperature: 16.5°C
Outside Temperature: 11.3°C
Barometer: 1006

Source: CUL00045/14


  • I have been burning stove (1 burner) all the morning keeping the cabin dry & helping to complete yesterday’s washing to all dry off.
  • On my bunk I sleep on a fleecy sheet, two pillows, a wool rug & a sleeping bag that I used as a doona. Unfortunately the bunk cushions are so thin.
  • Scrubbing mould within the yacht is a non stop job I do when weather permits. The saloon is completely dry of leaks. Except for the cockpit hatch in stern cabin this yacht is amazingly leak proof & seldom needs pumping.

Source: CUL00058/1