Day 549 – 23rd November 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 549
Date: 23rd November 1987
Latitude: 55° 14′ S
Longitude: 63° 36′ W
Water Temperature: 5.7°C
Wind @ Noon: 35 N
Max Wind /24 hours: 40-50 WSW
Min Wind /24 hours: 8 W
Cloud Cover 2/8
Cabin Temperature: 14°C
Outside Temperature: 8.8°C
Barometer: 1010

Source: CUL00045/15


  • Gale by day, flop sails by night. I hope I can clear the eastern side of Estados before the next gale because of the tidal streams in the region. I cannot see the land but I can smell it. A lovely sweet smell. This is something one always can smell after being a sea a long time.
  • Thanks to the diabolical hurricane the other day a rusty tin turned up in the shambles of the aft cabin after a knock down. It was tin of milo – hooray, thought my milo had long gone. Things in the saloon are nice & ship shape. But I need better weather to get to work on the aft cabin.

Source: CUL00058/1