Day 551 – 25th November 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 551
Date: 25th November 1987
Latitude: 52° 24.8′ S
Longitude: 58° 26′ W
Water Temperature: 7.7°C
Wind @ Noon: 28-30 W
Max Wind /24 hours: 40-45 NW
Min Wind /24 hours: 25 W
Cloud Cover 0/8
Cabin Temperature: 14°C
Outside Temperature: 11.5°C
Barometer: 1004

Source: CUL00045/15


  • Most exciting yacht is being buzzed by RAF. Sea King helicopter over yacht – sea rescue. They said that they had received emergency call from London. I suspect those in Perth asked for a check up on me in the interest of safety. Anyway they picked up 3 letters. Said that they would log that nothing came onto the yacht.
  • "Falklands Right" fisheries inspector vessel called & asked for my position, it seems they are going to intercept.

Source: CUL00058/1