Day 581 – 25th December 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 581
Date: 25th December 1987
Latitude: 7° 11.8′ S
Longitude: 31° 13.5′ W
Water Temperature: 27.6°C
Wind @ Noon: 12-15 E
Max Wind /24 hours: 20 E
Min Wind /24 hours: 12-14 E
Cloud Cover 3/8
Cabin Temperature: 30.3°C
Outside Temperature: 30.4°C
Barometer: 1009

Source: CUL00045/16


  • Happy Xmas me all alone with a sunburnt cracked chafed bottom lip – very sore. I’m listening to Xmas carols specially taped for me by Noel Semmens – who is a truly nice friend. Good program on BBC too.
  • The day was a good excuse to treat myself to abetter fare with my evening meal. 1st I had a mixture of Bacardi with water! (the only grog – that was – on board). Then big full plate of Hawaiian & California chicken mixed with surprise beans & a liberal helping of fresh greens sprouting beans. Then stewed prunes & custard. Then two cups of coffee.
  • Gosh my strobe light is working – hooray but none of the rest of the lights on the mast.

Source: CUL00058/1