Day 585 – 29th December 1987

Noon Summary Log

Day: 585
Date: 29th December 1987
Latitude: 1° 45.9′ N
Longitude: 28° 15′ W
Water Temperature: 27.7°C
Wind @ Noon: 0-6 VAR
Max Wind /24 hours: 15 SE
Min Wind /24 hours: CALM
Cloud Cover 7/8
Cabin Temperature: 31°C
Outside Temperature: 31.1°C
Barometer: 1008

Source: CUL00045/16


  • Running out of wind bang smack in the midst of the Doldrums & it looks like Doldrum Weather too, very overcast, bits of wind here & there coming from this way & that. Rain here & there but not over the yacht yet.
  • On my previous two roundings North of the Equator I’ve hit the rain in the Equatorial Trough before running out of wind. This time I’ve run out of wind before getting the rain.
  • I’ve got a passenger, a nice sea bird sitting on my tiller.

Source: CUL00058/1