Day 640 – 22nd February 1988

Noon Summary Log

Day: 640
Date: 22nd February 1988
Latitude: 42° 33.8′ S
Longitude: 69° 12.2′ E
Water Temperature: 15.2°C
Wind @ Noon: 30-40 WSW
Max Wind /24 hours: 35-45 WSW
Min Wind /24 hours: 25-30 NW
Cloud Cover 5/8
Cabin Temperature: 16.5°C
Outside Temperature: 14.4°C
Barometer: 1011

Source: CUL00045/17


  • Very rough so did not take sights as not strategically important. Now halfway across Southern Indian Ocean. Heavy gale continues Roaring forties are roaring.
  • Yacht just did an incredible surf & nose dive & water poured like out of a fire hose down the port vent

Source: CUL00058/1


At Sea
At Sea
Source: CUL00068/5