Day 643 – 25th February 1988

Noon Summary Log

Day: 643
Date: 25th February 1988
Latitude: 41° 26.4′ S
Longitude: 78° 44.6′ E
Water Temperature: 15.9°C
Wind @ Noon: 20 WNW
Max Wind /24 hours: 20 WNW
Min Wind /24 hours: 15 W
Cloud Cover 5/8
Cabin Temperature: 20°C
Outside Temperature: 18°C
Barometer: 1022

Source: CUL00045/17


  • Radio Australia mentioned the girl in the South Atlantic approaching St Peter & Paul Rocks sailing solo hoping to be the first woman to sail single handed around the world from Australia. That’s nice I’ve got company somewhere in the Atlantic behind me.

Source: CUL00058/1