Day 656 – 9th March 1988

Noon Summary Log

Day: 656
Date: 9th March 1988
Latitude: 35° 46′ S
Longitude: 110° 22′ E
Water Temperature: 19.2°C
Wind @ Noon: 20-25 SE
Cloud Cover 8/8
Cabin Temperature: 21°C
Outside Temperature: 18.6°C
Barometer: 1021



  • This stove is such an awful pest. I give up – I cannot get the stove going & the cabin is now full of black smoke & smoke stained. Cold meals & drinks from now on.
  • Good contact with HMAS Geraldton in channel 16, spoke with Roy Marsh & Hugh Schmitt. My dear Mum died – oh dear, sad I was not there, I feel awful now.

Source: CUL00058/1