Day 657 – 10th March 1988

Noon Summary Log

Day: 657
Date: 10th March 1988
Latitude: 34° 22.4′ S
Longitude: 113° 20.8′ E
Wind @ Noon: 35-45 SE
Cloud Cover 6/8
Cabin Temperature: 22°C
Outside Temperature: 19°C
Barometer: 1022



  • Rough & bumpy. Warship "Geraldton" is maintaining station a mile or two to starboard.
  • Spoke with Premier – he wishes me the best of luck, look forward to my arrival.
  • Gales continues. I smell bush fire smoke outside.
  • Eased course & running due north (so as not to get close to land) whilst I sleep.

Source: CUL00058/1


Jon Sanders at Sea
Jon Sanders at Sea
Source: CUL00068/5